How to fix smelly drains | Top tips for 2020

Dodgy smells from your drains is a common enough problem, especially in the summer. Your first instinct may be to ignore it or call a plumber but there are some things you can do to fix the problem yourself. If any of these don’t work, then a plumber or drainage expert might be the next step.

Common causes

Bad odours from drains are often caused by a build-up of food rotting in the pipes. Other debris can get caught if the drain is clogged with hair, which is the number one cause of shower blockages.

Flush the pipes

You may be able to solve the problem and dislodge any blockages by simply pouring a couple of litres of boiling water down the drain. Do this, followed by some cold water and then pour more boiling water to get rid of the remaining debris.

White vinegar

White vinegar is a great cleaning product for those who would rather not use harsh chemicals. Try boiling a bottle of white vinegar and pouring half down the drain. Rinse this with cold water and then pour the rest of the vinegar down the drain. This can help solve blockages and remove nasty smells.

Baking soda

Baking soda is another simple solution to drain blockages. Try putting water and baking soda down the drain followed by vinegar. It’ll start to fizz up as it gets to work. Come back half an hour later and flush the whole thing with boiling water.

Prevention is best

The best way to solve drain problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. That means regular drain maintenance like flushing with boiling water and vinegar. It only takes a few moments every few months or so and will keep your drains squeaky clean and odour free.

If these methods do not solve the problem, it might be something a drainage expert needs to take a look at. At Drain Brains we can inspect your drains, diagnose the problem and get to work on fixing it in no time. Give us a call on 0151 522 0736 for those in the Wirral area and 01244 455 354 for Chester.