Drainage Services

CCTV Drain Surveys

Professional camera equipment engineered just for drainage problems

Not every drainage problem is as simple as we'd like. Our CCTV equipment turns a difficult task into something a lot easier.

We employ state of the art, high-definition, CCTV equipment which incorporates full colour, self-levelling cameras with integral high intensity LED lighting, distance measurement and full recording facilities.

We conduct CCTV surveys and drain tracing for householders, commercial and industrial properties, property and site surveyors, architects and local authorities.

When a drain collapse or displacement is suspected the camera can quickly locate the fault and give a visual confirmation of the exact nature and extent of the damage. Root damage is quickly located and assessed to allow for the most cost-effective solutions to be recommended. This evidence, in addition to aiding the subsequent repairs, is often essential when presenting a claim to an insurance company.

We use the latest high-tech Sonar Tracing equipment

We also carry the latest high-tech Sonar Tracing equipment which enables us to accurately map the exact line and position of the drain and precisely locate the position of damage in order to minimise the degree of disruption if excavation becomes necessary.

Our survey reports are written in clear, jargon-free English and pinpoint the exact location and severity of faults within the drain and allows us to recommend the most economical method of repair. The clear layout of our report allows you to easily locate and examine the problems being discussed on the supplied CCTV footage. A sketch plan of the drainage system is also provided as standard.

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