Keep out of the gutter this Christmas – Protect your pipes & drains.

Winter is here.

For those who live with vulnerable pipes, indoor or outdoor, or encounter troublesome yearly drain build-up, the cold climate can often be a period of struggle and financial concern. So, make sure you’re protected this year; take the right precautions in advance to pre-empt drain build-up and frozen pipes. Make it through the colder months stress-free and financially better off.

A research study conducted by the Met Office exhibited how 75% of people are unsure if their pipes are insulated and protected against freezing, suggesting how residents aren’t following the right procedures to protect their waste systems before temperatures plummet.

Make sure it’s just your Christmas belly that’s bursting in the colder months, not your pipes or drains


Prepare for the worst; locate the pipes that could be at potential risk and ensure you have the correct equipment; pick up affordable foam insulation from local hardware shops and envelope appropriately. The foam retains heat and prevents condensation – occurring from contact between insulation products – stopping moisture and damp. If it’s usually your boiler that is affected, by result of a frozen condensate pipe, purchase a thermal cylinder jacket to: maintain hot running water, cut heating costs and reduce temperature losses by 75%.

Space Heater

Shop electrical heaters to place in cooler areas where internal pipes are located, such as attics and garages. During the lowest temperatures, plug-in fans may be your saving grace, as they target freezing points and keep pipes toasty.

Switch on the heating and open doors!?

Did you know that being frugal with your heating bills this winter can actually cost you in the long run? Halifax home insurance states central heating should be kept at a minimum of 10 degrees. Keeping your thermostat at a consistent temperature throughout the darker months ensures warm water is regularly running through pipes to prevent freezing – this applies when you go on holiday too. However, if you have a frost protection thermostat, this should regulate temperature automatically without you having to keep the heating on – nifty.

Additionally, leaving internal doors ajar helps to circulate warm air, enhancing the hot airflow throughout the home. Contrary to popular attitudes of shutting doors to “trap the heat in”, this method paradoxically influences temperature levels to spread and rise effectively.  

Check your drains

Keep on top of your waste-water activity. If you’re becoming more and more familiar with unusual smells, less effluent drainage and strange noises then your system probably isn’t functioning as efficiently as it should – this isn’t an ideal situation whatever the weather, but particularly not during freezing climates. Here are a few fixes to maintain a healthy drain:

Pour hot water down your drains regularly to remove the build-up of grease. But to be extra cautious, pour fat and oils into a carton and dispose of it separately – in your bins – so that it avoids your sink. Also be mindful of large food that could become lodged, install a drain protector so that pieces don’t slip through the gaps.

Your external drain also needs maintenance. Regularly keep on top of falling debris that can clog your outdoor system. Again, we recommend fitting a weatherproof drain cover to protect your drain from becoming blocked.

Tried our tips and tricks and still experiencing drainage issues? If your clogged up system is out of your hands, get in touch.