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When do you need a CCTV drain inspection

If you’re having problems with your drains it can be a difficult task to inspect and diagnose without digging into the ground. Luckily there is a handy alternative – CCTV drain inspection.

A CCTV drain inspection involves a small camera being pushed through drains to see exactly what’s going on beneath the surface.  It’s a non-invasive way to check the condition of your pipes before any destructive groundwork is undertaken where it’s unnecessary.

Unsure whether you’ll need one? Here are some reasons you may need or want a CCTV drain inspection.

Persistent blockages

Clearing one blockage is a good start but if it keeps coming back with a vengeance, then it’s a larger problem that may need further inspection.

This usually happens when people try to clear the blockage themselves with chemicals or rods pushed down the drain. This can clear the problem temporarily but it often doesn’t take care of the sticky residue that can remain on the edges of the pipe. Over time, it can collect more debris and lead to further blockages you have to sort out again and again.

Hidden leaks

If you’re finding trouble with water pressure it could be due to a leak in the system. These are not always easy to spot and a thorough inspection may be required. This will help to pinpoint the exact location of the faulty pipe which can then be replaced or repaired.

You’re buying a house

Buying and moving into a new house is always stressful and you’ve no doubt got 101 things to think about. Drains are probably not at the top of your list but they are also important to consider. Drains are so important to the functioning of a property. If there’s an underlying problem, you really need to know about it and soon.

Not all the usual surveys you pay for when buying a property will cover drainage inspections. Any blockages or leaks might not be noticeable until after living there for a few weeks or months. By then it’s all your problem and responsibility to foot the bill for repairs. If you can check these problems out before you buy, you can then make an agreement with the vendor to solve the problem before moving in.

You’re selling a house

The same goes for the point above, if you know there are drainage problems and are looking to sell your house, an inspection is a good move to ensure there are no snags in the selling process.

You can also tell prospective buyers that the drains have been well maintained and inspected so that they’re reassured about going through with the sale. This means that you won’t get angry buyers contacting you over drainage problems or trying to back out of a sale.


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