Why you should do drain maintenance during summer?

Drain maintenance is probably the last thing you want to think about when the sun is shining, especially after a long, harsh winter.

While drains are prone to damage during the winter, they can be in the summer too, especially if issues caused by cold weather haven’t been looked at in months.

Left untreated, drainage problems can cause a lot of long term damage to your home or business property.

Getting drains looked at on a regular basis allows you to sort problems before they turn into larger ones that could cause a lot of disruption at your home or business.

It’s also a cost effective practice as you could avoid forking out for expensive repairs you’d need if problems had been left to develop.

Strange smells

Hotter weather can make unpleasant smells more overpowering. The summer months are the most likely time to have problems with smelly drains. The hot weather means that bacteria and mould are given the perfect breeding ground to become a real problem for your pipes.

That’s why a thorough and regular cleaning of your drains is so important, before they turn into blockages that could cause your pipes to get damaged.

Get the job done quicker

Doing drain maintenance in the summer or spring means that there will be fewer disruptions in the form of bad weather spells. That means you can get the job done quickly and then spend the rest of the day sitting off in the sun.

Clean your drains

To clean your drains you can use cleaning products from shops, although some of them are pretty harsh and could potentially do more harm than good. Natural methods such as using baking soda and vinegar might be better for shifting drain blockages. Alternatively, you could hire professionals who will use the best products for your pipes.

Get a professional to handle it

If you want to ensure your drains are thoroughly cleaned and working well, then hiring a professional might be your best bet.

If you’ve never had your drains cleaned before, you could have a larger problem that is best left to a professional. If you know there are leaks in your system or blockages you can’t handle with a simple cleaning solution, then a professional will be able to pinpoint where the damage is and fix it for you.

Get Drain Brains to help

At Drain Brains we specialise in maintaining drains to keep them clear and working correctly. We provide drain clearance, CCTV drainage surveys to help you identify the problem, property surveys and replacements for badly damaged drains. Get in touch via 0151 522 0736 for a fast response and professional service.