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Shared Drainage Responsibility

Shared drainage responsibilities is a common question we receive from our clients at Drain Brains. There are many pipes, drains, and sewers hidden from the sight of your home and buried under most properties. Just because you can’t see them it doesn’t mean they’re not there, their upkeep could be your responsibility, your neighbours or your local water authority’s (happy days). How do you find out what’s there and whos responsibility they are?

Your responsibilities for isolated/non-shared drainage): The pipes, gutters and drains in and around your home, this also includes the drains from your property all the way to the neighbouring boundaries.  There will often be a company maintained manhole at that point depending on the property type. Drain Brains can assist with your sewage problems and help in the event of blockages.


I live in an apartment, what are my shared drainage responsibilities?

Do you have a blocked drain near or contained inside your flat/apartment block? Although it might be causing an issue for you right now you won’t have to worry about any unsuspected costs in the days to come. Although you and your neighbours share drainage in some capacity, you do not share drainage responsibility. Unless your tenancy states otherwise, the management company for your building are responsible for all drains up to the property boundary (purple) and the local water authority for drains beyond that (red).


shared drainage

I live in a detached house, do I have any shared drainage responsibilities?

Always check the property paperwork but normally if you reside in a detached newly built house then your property will not share drains with the rest of your neighbours. You as the homeowner will be responsible for your drainage to the property boundary (where the purple line meets below). The main sewer and lateral drains(red) are taken care of by the local water authority. If you do have a problem before you hit the boundary then Drains Brains can help to provide you live in the Merseyside and Cheshire area. For more information visit our homepage and navigate to the correct service.


I live in a terraced/semi-detached houses, what are my shared drainage responsibilities?

You are only responsible for the drain on your property that is not shared (purple). Normally this drain will be found in very close proximity to your property however if you’re still unsure if you are sharing your drain then read on for a tip to find out for sure. If you have a drain that is shared with your neighbour, the water authority will be responsible for the shared drain as well as the lateral drains (red).


What is a lateral drain?

Lateral drains are pipes which carry wastewater away in the public drain away from your property. Lateral drains are found outside the boundary of your property and are often under a public footpath or road. Before a change in law (2011), a lateral drain was the individual/shared drainage responsibility of the homeowner/block of houses however, it is now down to the local water authority.


How can you tell (for sure) if you have shared drains?

If you’re still unsure how to tell if you’re sharing drains with someone else then call your local water authority at United Utilities and they will be able to advise whether your blocked drain is a shared drain. If your drain is shared and it’s a problem with the main sewer/lateral drains then a repairman will book a date to visit the area, however, if it isn’t you’ll need to contact a local drainage service provider. If you live on the Wirral, in Merseyside or Cheshire then Drain Brains can help you.


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