Frozen pipes – easy guide to thawing

  1. Locate your stop tap, typically under the kitchen sink, garage, or cellar, and turn it clockwise to shut off water supply.
  2. Open the cold tap in your kitchen to relieve pressure and help identify the frozen pipe.
  3. If you have no water, a frozen pipe may be the culprit, often outside or near the stop tap.
  4. Thaw the pipe using a warm towel or a hairdryer in short bursts. Keep a safe distance and avoid contact with water. A hot water bottle can also help, depending on the pipe size and freeze severity.
  5. Avoid using a blowtorch or open flame, as it may cause more damage.
  6. Turn the stop tap back on to check if water is flowing. Look for any signs of burst pipes in your home.
  7. If you discover burst pipes, turn off at the stop tap and call a plumber immediately.
  8. If water doesn’t return, consult your home insurance for frozen pipe coverage or call a plumber